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@ idiot We Plan, Design, Develop, Market and, Innovate.


We believe in a connected world in which we actively participate and it will be even more connected the coming years. Our drive is to bring intelligent data and secure sensor solutions to businesses giving them control and insight in what is going on across their industry and in this world.

We’re not all gardeners but we strongly believe with smart insight we can innovate and reduce the footprint we leave at this earth.


Internet of Things


Secure cloud platform


Smart innovations

Internet of Things

We connect the digital and physical worlds. Smart sensor technology, cloud solutions, algorithms, all needed for convergence of the digital and physical – in the ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’. It offers unprecedented opportunity for those who are able to extract intelligence from the newly connected things. We help our clients to create innovative applications and solutions that harness the power of the smart, connected world.

By extracting and harvesting the data in real-time it is possible to optimize performance and anticipate. We even add some AI to the mix, if needed. It is our core business to develop and integrate technologies for IoT, work with recognized partners and to innovate. We are focused on extracting the intelligent (meta-) data. Our typical clients are in leisure, travel, mobility, media and publishing, industry, events, retail and/or municipalities. We are even considering some never-seen-before services for consumers, increasing their quality of life. Sounds awesomely stupid don’t you think?

Who we are

Our chief idiot effectively leads our team. We would like to call him our mastermind, but he is simply not. He is a down-to-earth and very experienced manager.

He is kind of in charge, keeping us on track and makes sure we over deliver. His idiot sidekick is more a genius instead of an idiot and in charge of all tech, development and operations. And make no mistakes; he is certainly not alone – he is the directing an orchestra of very talented engineers.

Sensors 75
GlusterFS 98
Intelligent data85
Smart country 70


The Idiot company might be new as a group, but the team is highly experienced and well known in relevant industries. We are proud of the prolongation of our development partnership with IBM (for IoT, Hyperledger and the well-known cognitive supercomputer Watson) and amongst others Redhat. Last but not least, our friends of Oxagile, headquartered in the financial district in New York, USA. And the Caesar Group located in Utrecht The Netherlands.


We work with different companies on various initiatives. Where we differ from others is our pragmatic way of working and technical expertise. We strife to bring the best possible solution and have a smart platform to support that.

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Disruptive ideas

What our clients say?

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We love to hear from you! Bring your wild ideas or challenges, we are open minded people always seeking to give birth to a bright idea.


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